Essay on How Technology Has Changed Education

1238 Words Mar 21st, 2015 null Page
Technology in today’s society has evolved into a powerful source that is used by every industry, business entity, corporation, higher learning institutions, and even in our everyday lives in order to get through daily activities. In this paper I am going to explore how technology has changed how adults learn, how it has affected the education that is being distributed to students and how technology has help to create an effective use in educating adults. Before technology everything was manual, which slowed down the way teacher’s relayed information to their students, Universities were required to hire more employees then to assist the educators with paperwork and forced them to rely on manual systems to operate their classrooms. Computers introduced the world to a better way of completing daily task and brought the world’s first internet-service, which was a way to share information from one person to another. Higher education was revived when technology took off and opened many doors to the structure of the campuses by allowing them to expand and reach students all over the world which ultimately meant students had to embrace technology in order be an effective student.
Technology evolved from non-existent to literally cannot live without for many people. The Change in technology has advanced from slow moving communication to very easy and fast easily accessible communication that can reach people over very long distances than before. It has also changed our…

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