How Technology Has A Positive Impact On The Lives Of The Disabled

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Santos 7 many sports an athlete have to work hard to become good in the sport they play. If the player is skilled enough he or she can get drafted to play in a professional team and get paid for it. Wheelchair basketball is no different from any other sport. The only exception is that the sport is intended for people with leg disabilities however the benefits remain true. Wheelchair basketball incorporates wheelchair as the only option players can move, thus creating fairness to all players. If it had not been for wheelchairs the disabled would not be able to play the sport and potentially get paid for it. Enthaising the importance of technology and how it affects lives. Overall, technology gives people with disabilities new opportunities for employment. Technology has a positive impact on the lives of the disabled because it offers convenience. Robert Patrick claims technology will serve as a boon for people with disabilities. This is especially true because with wearable technology it will allow new possibilities. Medical checkup can be done at home instead of traditionally going to a doctor office. Reminders can be set on how to use prescription when the user is close to the medicine. Doors, Tv’s, and security cameras can be controlled right from where the person is standing or sitting. Aki Ito suggest technology is becoming inexpensive. She explains over decades the prices of technology has been decreasing. For instance the prices for computers in…

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