How Technology During The 21st Century Become A Distraction? Essay

1878 Words Dec 10th, 2015 8 Pages
How Technology In The 21st Century Become A Distraction? On a day to day basis the average person uses technology seven hours out of their day, including cell phones, television, video games, tablets, and computers. As technology advances over time, the time spent using technology increases. Stop to thank about the times you spent using technology when you are supposed to be doing something more productive such as homework, or even housework. The time spent distracted by the technology pile up and is not helpful for the productive work that needs to get done. (“The Technologies That Distract Workers the Most." Business News Daily. N.P., n.d. Web. 05 Dec. 2015). As technology grows and becomes a bigger part of our daily life, it becomes a bigger part of school as well. Teachers use technology for notes, videos, and games to prepare for tests. Using technology for these types of reasons can cause students to go off topic and become distracted by their surroundings such as if there is an ad on the screen of the projector can cause them to look at the ad and talk about it amongst their peers instead of listening to what the teacher is trying to teach or show the students. Distracted while the teacher is teaching the students can cause kids to not understand what their class work is asking for, causing a decrease in grades. In a recent survey among teachers across the world that they believe students have shorter attention spans because of their constant use of digital…

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