How Technology Can Use Technology Essay

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Introduction In today’s world, many people don’t have a problem with using technology. Most college students use social media which includes: twitter, snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. Today we are going to learn how to use technology to help us in school rather than waste our time. First thing college students can use technology for is online classes. This can be a challenge for some students because they are only used to their day to day uses like Twitter. You can use a variety of strategies to succeed like doing a trial run with technology (Ellis, 2014). This includes verifying your access to the course web sites including online tutorials, PowerPoint presentations, readings, quizzes, tests, and assignments (Ellis, 2014). Also, find a “technology buddy’ in each of your classes so if you get disconnected from the internet you have a friend to contact to let the teacher know (Ellis,2014). Another way at succeeding in online classes is getting actively involved with the course (Ellis, 2014). This means staying on top of due dates and not procrastinating to do everything at the last minute (Ellis, 2014). Lastly, take notes on the course material and print out anything that appears on the computer screen (Ellis, 2014). “This includes online courses materials-articles, books, manuscripts, e-mail messages, chat room sessions, and more” (Ellis, 2014, p.83). Taking these steps can make you very successful in online classes.
Technology Skills Ellis includes eight technology…

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