Essay on How Technology Can Make Our Lives Easier?

1700 Words Apr 19th, 2016 null Page
Tech Tuesday!

In a week where drones have been a big feature in the news for all the wrong reasons thanks to a collision at Heathrow and a rogue concert drone at a Muse gig, I 've decided to take the weekly Tech feature in a slightly different, more insightful direction, and give it a snappy new title in the process! So from this point onwards, Tuesdays at Creativepool (at least for me) are all going to be about Tech. So let 's dive right in.

This beautiful lamp creates electricity from heat

This may be a glaring overgeneralisation, but in essence, technology exists in order to make our lives easier. That 's fine, of course, but when we 're gushing over the latest piece of sleek, shiny tech, we often forget that technology can also be used to not only make our lives easier and more enjoyable, but more considerate of our planet and its dwindling resources. Enter the Candela, a device conceived as a technological update to the traditional oil lamp, which uses a 19th-century scientific discovery to create electricity out of heat. Francisco Gomez Paz, an Argentinian designer who works in Italy, created the lamp as the first product for a new Danish-Italian lighting brand called Astep, which was launched during Milan Design Week by one Alessandro Sarfatti, the third generation of an Italian design dynasty that includes the founders of lighting brands Arteluce and Luceplan. The Candela is based on traditional Scandinavian lanterns, and uses a smokeless flame to generate…

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