How Technology Can Improve Online Learning By Robert Mendenhall

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Thesis: This paper aims to analyse the arguments provided by the author in the article; How Technology Can Improve Online Learning by Robert Mendenhall. The article successfully outlines the imperatives and advantages of online teaching as compared to traditional teaching methodology. The arguments presented by the author are logical and devoid of fallacies that makes it immensely effective and rationale article on the topic. The articles basically stems its arguments in the form of comparison between the online and offline methods of teaching and how online teaching can actually make the entire process much more efficient, effective and far reachable to many more number to people. The best aspect of the article is that it emphasized on the output of a particular methodology of education to evaluate the quality of education and disconnected it from the mode or method of imparting the education (Mendenhall, 3).
The article has focused on the output driven approach to carry out his analysis of why people associate quality with method and not with the output produced. The author has written the article supported by the data and statistics rather than writing it on pure opinion and perspective led style. Parameters like number of graduates produced or number of people defaulting on their education loan can be one of the several objective factors that can led researchers to find of the course has been effective or not. Placing excessive emphasis on the mode of imparting the…

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