How Technology Can Be Integrated Into Education Essay

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Literature Review
Integrating technology has been a long standing debate in education, as officials were not sure whether or not new advances in technology could help students learn better. However, as technology has evolved from the Apple Macintosh and laptops into iPads, many districts are ready to make the leap to supply more students with technology within the classroom. Gone are the days where teachers would take away students’ devices simply for having them out. Now, many teachers are working to blend students’ use of their devices with the curriculum that is taught. Although many schools are looking to fully integrate educational technology, a review of recent literature suggest that technology must be integrated into education in moderation, rather than to either extreme. Integrating technology in education, which has been growing over the past ten years, can have many benefits to students. According to Luckerson (2014), “[n]early three-fourths of U.S. teachers use technology to motivate students to learn, according to a survey by PBS LearningMedia” (Luckerson, 2014, pg. 16). With such a high number of teachers using technology in the classroom, it is important to see the benefits that technology can have in the classroom. For example, in Dockterman (2013), it is stated that engagement is the main reason that integrating technology is especially beneficial.
[A]ccording to research cited by MIT, students can remember only 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear…

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