Essay about How Technology Can Be Defined?

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In chapter one Nye, describes how technology can be defined in many different ways. He began to explain the evolution of technology. How it was once believed that only humans could create tools that were useful and considered them as technological. When Jan Goodall observed a chimpanzee peel a twig and put in in a termite hill, pulled it out covered in termite. He not only created a tool but also used thought process to create it. This in turn rules out the theory that humans are the only tool makers. Technology could also be defined as a necessity but it doesn’t serve the purpose to merely provide food and shelter. As humans we include various things in our definition on necessities. When a tool is designed we find different ways of using it. He then describes a situation where a car is locked and the keys are inside, there are different out comes and solutions to the problem. For example calling a locksmith, breaking a window or by simply improvising a tool such as a twisted coat hanger and inserting it in the window to pull the door handle from inside.
He gives various examples of technologies that have radically changed human behavior for example: when creating a tool it is also required that the ability to use the tool to be narrated. Reading and writing came along to solve the issue. It would also change the way story telling would take place. It would no longer be by word of mouth thus changing the human behavior for the better. Each social group uses the tools…

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