How Technology Affects The Education System Of Today Essay

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How Technology Affects the Education System of Today
As technology progresses further, it begins to integrate itself more into daily life. Today, it has found a way into the education system, altering the way teachers plan lessons and the way that students complete their homework. Some believe that this trend is for the better, creating a network for online schools, allowing students quicker access to research, enabling the ability to easily collaborate on group projects, and more. Although the positive effects are certainly present, there are also impacts of the increased use of technology that are changing education in a negative way.
Advancements in technology have created a platform for an alternative to the traditional brick and mortar schools. In today’s world, students have the option of “attending” schools that are purely online. Supporters of online education argue for its flexibility. Dan Lips argues that “virtual learning allows students to learn anytime at their own pace” (Lips). Rather than being restricted by typical school hours, students can choose times to complete their school work that are compatible with them. For example, they are not forced to get up early in the morning to attend school and can consequently get a good night 's rest regularly without having to worry about missing school. Lips has also pointed out that online education allows for students to take the time the learn the material without having to be pressed to the pace of others (Lips).…

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