How Technology Affects A Child 's Brain Development Essay

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We now all seem to rely on technology in our modern day society. It is a known fact that technology helps us make things easier but it is also making us lazy and dumb in the long run. Kids are now being thought to use tablets and smartphones at a very young age. Too early and too much exposure of technology can effect a child’s brain development. Today whenever someone wants to search up information they go straight to the internet and search it up on Google. They will then only to copy and paste the information into paper instead of their brains. Technology makes the brain pay attention to information differently than reading a regular book or worksheet. There is a metaphor that Nicholas Carr uses describing the difference between scuba diving and jet skiing. It goes by “Book reading is like scuba diving in which the diver is submerged in a quiet, visually restricted, slow-paced setting with few distractions and, as a result, is required to focus narrowly and think deeply on the limited information that is available to them. In contrast, using the Internet is like jet skiing, in which the jet skier is skimming along the surface of the water at high speed, exposed to a broad vista, surrounded by many distractions, and only able to focus fleetingly on any one thing”. The internet is full of distractions making it easy to lose focus and go off track. As oppose a book with its simplicity of white paper and black worded text. In fact according to an article by Matt Richtel…

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