How Teams Is Not At All Complex Essay

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“A growing trend in organizations is to give more responsibility for important activities to teams” (Yukl, 2010). The concept of teams is not at all complex. A team brings together employees, managers and executives on different levels with different experiences to accomplish organizational goals. Rather than relying on individual managers to be solely responsible for the success or failure of a project, department or strategic business unit, the team approach allows team members to become empowered and make decisions to aid in success.
There are a plethora of team types that can be created to help an organization to succeed. Functional Work Teams, for example, are made up of individuals who have the “…same basic function” but have different responsibilities (Yukl, 2010). Team members report to a leader of the group. The “…driving motivation behind this kind of structure is efficiency and functional learning” (Appelo, 2011). Low in autonomy and high in membership stability, the function-work team is not complex; it is simply a way for an organizational team to achieve goals.
Cross-Functional teams, on the other hand, are made up of “…representatives from each of the functional subunits involved in a project, and it may include representatives from outside the organizations such as suppliers, clients and joint venture partners.” Short in duration, the cross-functional teams are more commonly used for project or program development, kick-off and implementation. In 2012…

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