How Teachers Make Students Hate Reading Essay

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After various years of teaching, John Holt comes to the conclusion that schools are a place filled with danger and silence. Schools are initially known to be a place of refuge but are not always that kind of a place. Throughout the essay, “How Teachers Make Students Hate Reading”, educator and writer John Holt uses several examples from his prior teaching experiences and gives his readers insight based on what experiments he has put the students at trial with, that later exemplify the meaning of his claim. In the personal narrative essay “Aria”, written by Richard Rodriguez, I was able to find similarities that provide insight about the pressures children are bound to feel in school which Holt points out as well. Holt’s ideas concerning students staying silent in school and the feeling of endangerment both help make his claim; “...that for most people school was a place of danger, and their main business in school was to stay out of danger as much as possible.”(197), more clear. Allowing his readers to understand as to why he may have felt such non-physical endangerment, Rodriguez gives various examples as well.
In the personal narrative essay written by John Holt, “How Teachers Make Students Hate Reading”, Holt goes into slight detail regarding his first experiences as a grade school English teacher. Holt had a very narrow teaching approach. “I never gave my students an opportunity to say what they actually thought about a book.” “I gave vocabulary drills and quizzes…

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