How Teachers Can 't Believe It 's The Last Day Of School Essay

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• S: Can’t believe it’s the last day of school. What an awesome and exciting year! Shout out to all my friends (and even some teachers) for making this year memorable.
• J: It’s crazy how fast the school year went. I remember when we discussed “what makes an effective teacher” all the way back on the first day of school.
• S: I remember that too! So funny how much we learned when we actually decided to observe the many aspects of teaching throughout the year.
• J: Agreed. Although we initially focused on easiness of the class, the teacher’s knowledge and passion of the subject, how teachers successfully engage students, and classroom management, I really appreciated how teachers need to understand learners and learning the most.
• S: I don’t really know what you mean by “understand learners and learning.”
• J: I’m referring to how teachers need to teach their class and students in regards to the individual needs and backgrounds of each student. Since each classroom has a diversity of cultures, interests, learning styles, and students of different ability levels, no one framework can account for the learning of all students (Conceptual Framework). Therefore, teachers need knowledge not only of content, but also of learning, learners and their development (Conceptual Framework).
• S: Trying to meet the needs of 25 students sounds really hard and like a lot of work. How do teachers do it?
• J: I really have no idea. It’s amazing to me how much more work they do than we…

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