How Talent Is Not An Excuse For Not Work Hard Essay

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Last time we were here we learned how talent is not an excuse to not work hard.

Let’s take out our homework from last class. How many of you practiced using chopsticks? Who would like to show us?

I’m glad some of you learned how to use chopsticks. Our Jing Si Aphorism says “Do everything with a willing heart and accept the results readily. The more effort you put in, the more skills you will gain.”

Just like learning how to use the chopsticks, to learn a new skill, you need to put in hard work.

Now I’m going to show a video of someone who believes that even with talent, we still need to work hard.
John Legend

Watch the video clip, Grit 3-2 John Legend Music Video. (:51)

Video Overview: By playing John Legend’s music video, students can determine for themselves whether or not the singer was born talented or work hard. Video clip is edited from, part of the Meghan Trainor - Like I 'm Gonna Lose You ft. John Legend music video.

After watching the video, teacher will ask:
1. Do you think John Legend is talented?
2. Do you think he was born with this talent?

Teacher will say:
“Now let’s see what John Legend says about being talented.”

Then watch the video clip, Grit 3-2 John Legend Khan Academy. (1:00)

Video Overview: John Legend shares about how he had to work hard and practice to get where he is today. He talks about being rejected…

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