How Surgeons Did Surgery Today? Essay

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Imagine this,you are just about to have surgery on your mouth,you sit down and wait for the doctor to tell what is going to happen. He tells you that they are going to pull a few teeth out and do some minor touches on the others. You sit back in the chair and the doctor holds up a mask. You automatically think that all the mask is going to do is put you to sleep,but what you don’t realize how this important this gas helped your life in many ways. This gas is called anesthesia. Not only did it impact how surgeons did surgery today or how it changed feeling’s against surgery after it was invented, it also saved many lives in the process of getting better.

Compared to the 1800’s I’d say our live our great. In the 1800’s their techniques were awful. First off you had the Amputations. Amputations is where doctors had to cut of the rotten part of the body,usually with just a saw. This normally caused infections because the doctors would saw it off quickly without caution. There was also up sides to amputation,which would be that it helped the patient from dying. Another technique used was Bloodletting otherwise known as bleeding. Many people believed that getting rid of blood would get rid of the illness. The thing was that they let out too much blood, this led to many deaths. Including George Washington and Charles II. In the 1800’s they also used a technique called Trepanation. Trepanation was used to get rid of headaches and built up stress. Doctors used the technique of…

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