Essay on How Sugarcane Has Changed The World

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What is sugarcane? Sugarcane is considered to be part of the grass family. It grows anywhere between seven to sixteen feet tall. This crop has been around for more that two thousand years. Originally, the sugarcane was harvested for chewing only. " Sugarcane is a genus of tall grasses native to warm temperate to tropical regions of the Old World. About 107 countries grow the crop to produce 1,324 million tons," according to online source, science-daily. Sugarcane has successfully changed the world doubtlessly. Harvesting sugarcane stalks can be very difficult, and must be done carefully. If not cut and handled properly, the content and quality of the sugar and cane can decrease and be considered a waste. Still till this day, some farmers use machete type tools to cut the stalks rather than machines. Sugarcane has changed the world and has come along way, for the better. Around the time of 2500 BC, natives of India, being curious, ate sugarcane for the first time out of the crop fields. For about three-thousand years after this, people in India and southeast Asia were the only ones to ingest sugarcane. Sugarcane did not grow further north of these regions for a long period of time. The reason for this, was because sugarcane had to be eaten fresh. By fresh I mean had to be extracted and eaten before the juices dried up. It was not until around the eighth century that sugar began to be introduced into the country of Europe and surrounding areas. By the 1200s, sugarcane…

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