How Successful Cherry Street Baptist Church Is At Being Externally Focused

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The following evaluation is based on the discussion questions at the end of every chapter in the book, The Externally Focused Church. This evaluation will address each chapter and how successful Cherry Street Baptist Church is at being externally focused.
The first chapter seeks to explain what an externally focused church looks like but before it does it speaks of the internally focused church. An internally focus church is one that spend a lot of time, energy, and money on loving God but forget about loving man. Cherry Street tends to be more internally focus because a lot more money and resources go to decorations and ministries inside the church than to help the community outside the church. An externally focused church is one that is strong on the inside but is genuinely concerned about the community around them to the point that they do something about it. If Cherry Street would willingly and meaningfully serve the community around them, they would be able to make an impact for more great than they ever could inside the church.
The second chapter looks at how to become an externally focused church. It gives the example of LifeBridge Christian Church. LifeBridge was a growing church in Colorado but the leadership and staff realized that their church was just mediocre and that they were not doing anything for the community around them. Cherry Street seem like a mediocre church. They do some good things but not the things that will make an impact eternally. The only…

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