How Students Should Be Taught At The Education System Essay

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How Students Should be Taught in the Education System
"What separates memorization from learning is a sense of meaning. When you memorize a fact, it 's arbitrary, interchangeable... [b]ut when you learn a fact, it 's bound to others by a web of logic."() In “The “Banking” Concept of Education” (1968), Paulo Freire argues that because the ‘banking’ concept of education oppresses students, the problem-posing method is best to use when educating students. He introduces his short essay by claiming that the education system is falling apart; because teachers recount information to students, and the students retain this information by listening and memorizing what is told. Freire writes this to inform educators about the education system, in order to persuade them by stating that the ‘banking’ concept of education is not the best way to educate students; to this end, he claims that the problem-posing method is a better alternative because it rejects memorization, and accepts dialogue and communication.
Freire explains the education system as “[a] careful analysis of the teacher-student relationship at any level… reveals its fundamentally narrative character. This relationship involves a narrating Subject [the teacher] and patient, listening objects [the students]… Education is suffering from narration sickness.” (243) Freire believes that education is suffering from a relationship where the teacher teaches the lessons, while the students listens to what the teacher will say to…

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