Essay about How Student Athletes Use Twitter

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Understanding qualitative data is an important step in becoming a competent researcher. One such article that many college students study describes how student-athletes use Twitter and how they react to judgmental tweets. Through examining the population and purpose of this study, research questions, findings, and limitations and implications of this study, students can become competent researchers and learn why student-athletes use Twitter and how they react to controversial tweets.
Population and Purpose of the Study The population and purpose of the study is unique. The study used 20 student-athletes at a midsize private University in the southern region of the U.S. (Browning & Sanderson, 2012). In total, there were 17 males and 3 females who were interviewed in a semistructured manner. Out of 17 males, 10 were football players, 5 were basketball players, and 2 were baseball players. All 3 females were basketball players. The purpose sought to discover why student-athletes use Twitter and how they handle and react to judgmental commentary they receive from others. Another possible purpose is to help student-athletes understand the power of Twitter so that they do not get in trouble for what they say.
Research Questions This qualitative study had 4 research questions it sought to answer. This study aims to discover the motives student-athletes have for using Twitter, how they interpret judgmental tweets, how these tweets affect them, and how student-athletes reply to…

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