How Struggles Can Help People That Make Them Stronger, And Able

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Struggles are lessons that bring blessings to people that make them stronger, and able to appreciate life more. When people go through struggles it makes them emotionally stronger.
In fact, throughout high school, my mom was an alcoholic and was never home. We constantly argued about everything all the time. Experiencing this for years , I got fed up with it; which led me to experimenting with drugs , started skipping school, and started hanging out with the wrong group of people. The addiction that I was facing got so bad I started doing it at school and got caught, suspended and eventually got sent to rehab. The experience I went through made me a lot smarter about the choices I make. My mom got help with her addiction and our relationship grew stronger. I, an almost drop out student decided to go back to school and got my work done. Graduated on time and now I 'm a sophomore in college with a healthy relationship with my wonderful , sober mother who also has been sober herself for 2 years.
Battling this stress caused by my addiction was a drag on my happiness, which made me want to give up on everything. Rewarding part of this struggle made me the person I am today, happy. This obstacle taught a lesson to not do the things that caused harm to myself or others around me and also brought a blessing, my mom and I are closer than ever.
As a matter of fact, individuals may be in situations that are hard to get through. It could be fighting a disease, a horrible relationship…

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