How Stress Has Changed Over The Years Essay

703 Words Apr 6th, 2016 3 Pages
My experience of stress can be best described as a rollercoaster, steadily climbing and once at the top it can plunge down and back up and to the left and to the right, almost as if the stress is controlling the ride. Stress has changed over the years as well. My early childhood life didn’t include the worry of life, but the concern of self. I grew up as a very shy individual and was constantly scared to talk or speak in many situations. I am not sure how or why I was a shy individual, but it was a big stressor during my early development. Athletics burst my social bobble and forced me to discover communicating with others’ was not as horrible as I had imagined it growing up. Athletics allowed for a release of stress, particularly when I focused specifically on becoming the best basketball player I could be. There was very little I worried about besides practicing as much as I could at a sport I loved. When I was playing completive basketball from around 14 to 18 years old I rarely felt any type of stress and if I did have stress, it was washed away when I was practicing or playing basketball. After competitive basketball faded as the focal point of my life I encountered what I like to call as real life stressors, not that people who play competitive basketball their entire life do not have real life stressors, but for me encountering major responsibilities for myself and others was a turning point for how I related to stress. Before I began my second semester of graduate…

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