How Stress Developed Within The Workplace Essay

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Within society, each working member is constantly making an effort to balance personal and professional obligations. It is paramount for adults to have a career for multiple reasons: to achieve economic independence, a sense of self worth and accomplishment, and importantly, to be able to provide for their families. However, due to stressful work environments, long working hours and ever-increasing expectations among many other factors, employees are experiencing a great imbalance in time dedicated to work versus family life, relationships and health. By taking a systems approach and looking at the bigger picture, one can see how stress developed within the workplace can affect not only the individual’s mental and physical health and productivity, but also the well-being of his or her family. Firstly, a more detailed explanation of the consequences of stress in the workplace will be discussed, followed by the projections of this on the individual’s family life, and the health of his or her family members. Finally, strategies to cope with stressful work environments and achieve work-life integration, as opposed to balance, will be outlined.
Implications of Work on Employee Productivity and Company Success
No matter what the field of work is considered, work environments can become very stressful if certain conditions exist. Examples of these may be unreasonably long hours, conflict between employees and poor communication between management and staff (1).…

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