Essay about How Strength Comes From Suffering?

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Strength comes from suffering because suffering can easily change the motivation and attitude of the mind, not to mention the way the person thinks about themselves. However, what are the details that help understand how strength comes from suffering? What kind of people suffer the most? How do they suffer? What strength do they achieve? One would be surprised. It is almost always seen that the strongest people tend to suffer the most, whether it is physically or mentally. It makes sense in this way because that is why they are so strong, because they were so weak in some way. A good example of this? The result of an interview by Sidney Harman, a well –known businessman, in the “Crucibles of Leadership” article. In the article, it said that Harman interviewed more than 40 top business powerhouses. In the interviews, he slowly found out that all interviewed people, who ranged in all ages, were a part of one or more unplanned, traumatic experiences that happened in their lifetime. Basically, this shows that even the biggest business people out there spill a weakness that was made by an event or experience. Another great example of strong people with a weak past is the infamous John Proctor from Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. In the beginning of the play, John Proctor seemed nothing but good if one heard of the things he had committed. He had committed adultery, shut his wife out, and made people thing he was a servant of the Devil, therefore making these traumatic experiences…

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