How Storytelling Can Promote Good Or Bad? Essays

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Throughout human existence, storytelling provides a relevant and important exchange of information on life. Tales passed down from one generation to another that provide vignettes into what it means to live in this world. Fables dictate lessons of life. Epics mesh culture and history to make sense of one’s life and lineage. Today, storytelling doesn’t have the reverence it once had for one reason or another, such as the advent of technology for good or bad and the evolving roles for people in society and the changing balance in work and families. That being said, the importance of storytelling remains prevalent and continues to encourage the betterment of society between those growing up and those who have lived through much of their lifetime. Keller (1992) states that the benefits of intergenerational activity include transfer of knowledge between the generations; enhanced community feelings; and enhanced sense of worth for people of all ages. Storytelling activities can promote peace between generations through illustrating for young children the world they live in and the mores developed to be a productive member of society, and for elders, reminds them of the wonders of growing up, the breadth of relationships built throughout life, and a medium to share their experiences with younger generations.

The capacity to identify and understand others’ subjective states is one of the most stunning products of human evolution. It allows successful navigation of complex social…

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