Essay on How Sport Is A Good Thing For Society?

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Throughout history, our behavior during our lives has left lasting impacts on the world. Whether indirectly or directly, the world has been affected by the conduct we show when people are watching. The term “long residual” is used to explain the consistencies we notice and study in history, especially sport history. The reason we perform the actions today, can be explained by examining what people did in the past. It is important to understand our past actions as they are often repeated. With extensive study we can learn why these actions are repeated and if they are a good thing for society. Sport is a main benefactor in the analysis of long residuals. Traditions, and rituals play a huge role in sport, whether it be to improve an athlete 's psyche or anticipate why a certain activity is done a certain way. Our national anthem is an example of a long residual due its most storied and famous history in which it was conceived. Athletes are told to respect this tradition by taking it seriously and placing a hand over their heart to respect the code of the flag and by extension, the anthem. Gabby Douglas is an athlete, not just any athlete however. She is a two-time Olympian and three-time gold medalist. Thus, when she defied the tradition of putting your hand over heart as respect to the national anthem, she was met with plenty of controversy. From the online site reporting her actions as unpatriotic or some believing she was participating in a protest, everyone had an opinion…

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