How Sport Has Changed My Life Essay example

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Being short was a struggle throughout my whole life due a number of sports that I have played which involved my height. I had started playing sports in my early years at St. Thecla Catholic Middle School. Though playing sports in middle school was obviously different from playing sports in high school and college because everyone was able to play whatever sport(s) that they desire. However, the sport that I desire during middle school was mostly soccer. There were plenty of reasons why soccer was my favorite sport, but the most important reason that I can recall was because my dad had played the sport and I wanted to be just like him, if so even better. Soccer wasn’t the only sport that I had played in middle school. I had also played on the basketball team for my middle school. I sometimes wonder why I had ever played basketball in the first place, was it because most of my friends were doing it so I decided to do it or was it for me to get in shape. Well, all I remember is that I have played it for eight years straight. Now you will think that with eight years of experience and training that I should have been pretty good at basketball, well that wasn’t the case for me. For being a kid in middle school that stood tall at 4 feet even till 8th grade, I was very limited on what I was able to accomplish with my height. I rarely played any basketball games because I knew that the coach didn’t see any potential in me because of my height. All I ever remember coach asking to do…

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