Essay about How Spirituality Can Improve Physical Health

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Spirituality Spirituality is a necessity to balance out the stress and struggles of everyday life. When everything is feeling chaotic and out of control, taking a moment to indulge in spiritual life can drastically alter ones outlook on things. Simple practices and daily routines combined, can improve not only mental and physical health, but emotional health and relationships as well.
Spirituality can improve physical health, while also providing a sense of belonging and unity with a community. Physical practices such as mediation and yoga have been found to calm a person’s mind and body. When indulging in either of these activities, one’s mind and body are said to become one and leave them with a euphoric sense of peace and happiness. Mediation causes a physiological change “and every cell in the body is filled with more energy (Benefits).” Practices such as meditation and yoga not only improve a person’s life emotionally but also “results in joy, peace, enthusiasm as the level of energy in the body increases (Benefits).” I often do Tuesday night yoga classes in order to relieve myself of the days stress and rebalanced myself for the week to come. After the class I am left feeling rejuvenated and motivated to finish the week strong.
Spirituality cannot be improved by not only exercising the mind but also the body, which in turn can also help the heart and soul. To attain this, getting out in the community and lending a helping hand to others in need gives those people…

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