How Spending Affects Your Spending Habits Essay examples

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In today’s world where paychecks are deposited electronically and our wallets are filled with debit and credit cards, overspending seems to have become the norm. Without watching a pile of cash dwindle away, it can be difficult to recognize just how much is being spent, where and on what. I wish I could say that prior to this assignment I had been keeping a log of all of my purchases and checking the balances in my accounts every day, but I hadn’t been. I knew that I was spending excessively, but it wasn’t until I began collecting my baseline data so that I could adjust my spending behaviors that I saw just how excessive my spending habits had become. There was a colossal gap between what I assumed I was spending (around $250) and what I was actually spending (over $400). It was glaringly obvious that there was a problem: I was spending $430 a week and needed to spend no more than $350. So my goal for this project was to reduce my weekly spending; in order to accomplish this I have designed and implemented a positive reinforcement behavior modification program.
Perhaps spending over $400 a week would not seem as exorbitant if a portion of that was going towards rent or utility bills, but unfortunately, this was not the case. In just the one week during which I collected my baseline data, my spending total of $430 included nothing that one may consider living expenses other than food and gas. I spent approximately $90 on coffee from Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and…

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