How Specific System Used in an Organization Has Transformed How the Organization Operates.

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Taylor Ambulance Company offers a competitive salary and benefits package that reflects the high value we place on our employees. Our commitment to ongoing training provides each employee the opportunity for professional development while keeping pace with today's technological advancements.
Taylor Ambulance Company Ambulance offers:
Top field compensation, plus call bonuses and growth potential
Major Medical, Vision and Dental Care
Employee Life Insurance
401(k) Retirement Plan
Flexible work schedules.
SALARY: Employees are eligible for merit increases from 1 to 4 salary steps after the first 6 months of employment, and thereafter annually based on their work performance and until they reach the top of their 12 step salary range.
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The Authority contributes 100% toward employee only medical premiums or 75% of the total medical plan premiums whichever is greater.
DENTAL/VISION CARE: The Authority contributes to the Dallas County Employees Association Medical Trust Fund which provides for dental and vision care coverage.
TUITION REIMBURSEMENT: Employees are eligible for up to $500 in a fiscal year to cover their expenses associated with academic pursuits.

RETIREMENT: Employees are enrolled in a defined benefit retirement program under the Orange County Employees Retirement System. The employees receive a retirement benefit calculated at 2% of salary for each year of service after vesting and reaching age 55 or older. The Authority contributes 100% toward retirement contributions; however employees reimburse the Authority for this retirement formula at the rate of 9% of compensation earned.
RETIREE MEDICAL PLAN: New employees hired after December 31, 2006, are enrolled in a defined contribution retiree medical savings plan to which they contribute 4% of base salary. Current employees remain active in their current plan and continue to contribute 4% of base salary.
VACATION: Employees accrue vacation based on hours of completed continuous service (regular hours) exclusive of overtime. After 1 year of service, an employee receives a lump sum of 80 hours. After 1 year, but less than 3 years, the employees accrue 0.0385 hours for each paid

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