How Society Sees Males And Females Essays

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Humans, male and females alike, are not how society sees them. They are more complicated than that though can society does play a part in who they become. Almost everything, and everyone, around us influence who we are or what we do in one way or another. Looking around there are males and females but just knowing a person’s sex or gender, would one know a lot about them? No, a person could not possibly know things about another due to their sex or gender but one may think so because of the gender stereotypes. It is believed that people see a person’s sex or gender as an important predictor of their abilities and interests, etc. In the eyes of society, there are certain thing that girls and boys should and should not be doing. Society begins to teach us these things from the moment we are born. Furthermore, how society sees males and females, can affect how some humans view themselves.

In the eyes of society, girls and boys are to behave like the gender stereotypes say they should. Girls are often associated with pink, dresses, hair, gentle, being feminine, being ladylike, having a nice appearance, etc. Also, boys are often associated with blue, sports, tough, strength, etc.This all starts from the moment the infant is born into the world, if not before. Penelope Eckert and Sally McConnell-Ginet states that at many hospitals, a newborn is given either a pink (girl) or blue (boy) cap to provide a visual sign of the sex of the baby (737). Parents, some having the same…

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