Essay on How Society Is Strict On Gender Norms

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Hannah Webster Foster elaborates on gender expectations in her novel, “The Coquette”. The main characters Eliza Wharton and Major Sanford are examples of how society is very strict on gender norms. For example, from birth society is quick to picture an infant male with the color blue and a female infant with the color pink. This shows how men and women are socialized from birth. The novel also explains how men and women have double standards. Society has given men and women contradictory standards for gender roles and social relations. Gender expectations are very strict in society because of the role play of the gender. Women are expected to be the housewives and more virtuous, while men are the ones with more options and freedom. Eliza Wharton was not the housewife type throughout the novel. Even when she was engaged she still found time to flirt with Major Sanford. In society’s perspective women are supposed to be to one man and not be to appealing. Some stereotypes state that women are supposed to be flirtatious, but when Eliza flirts with more than one man she is seen as the horrible person. Women are also expected to have some type of respect for themselves. Society gives males the freedom because of the masculine duties that they accomplish. Hannah Webster Foster uses Major Sanford as an example on how men are favored over women in society. They are portrayed as the ones who bring in the family income for the household. In the story, Major Sanford was looked into…

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