Essay on How Societal in Americafactors influence divorce

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Discuss how societal factors influence divorce in America, based on research. Can you identify additional factors that you think lead to divorce?
Societal factors affect marriages and influence divorce in America in many ways. Divorce is legal separations of duties and responsibilities of marriage between couples. Divorce has many types to suit each situation some types are contested divorce, At-fault divorce, and No-fault divorce. Divorce and many it’s many forms affect the children some way or other.
In America studies done by Jenifer L. Bratter and Rosalind of the Education Resource Information Center found that the 1 percent increase unemployment rate affected the decrease of 1 percent of divorce rates in America in 2011.This
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All those factors in one way or other contribute to divorce in some way other.
Society has always impacted the way we live; the traditional family who were farmed for food has gone away to the model families buying whatever they need in the urban areas. Divorce is no except to those changes. Stats show that divorce and marriage are effect by the same society we live in from depressions to wars to recessions. In my opinion I think it’s good that American’s are waiting to get married. According to the book ‘‘The Marriage and Family Experience’’ before 1974, the view of marriage as lasting till death do us a part reflected reality but today approximately 35 percent to 45 percent of all new marriages are likely to end in divorce. My dad has been married to my step mother for 14 years, at one point I suggest they should get divorce, neither one had any comments but as I looked back know I understand that part of the reason for staying together had a lot to do with me and my brother. I believe that divorce is acceptable if the marriage can’t be repaired after seeking help from multiple professionals and those professionals suggest the marriage is to danger for the children if any. Professor Cloud once told me the divorce is like a burning building and you and your family is on the highest floor with one fire escape but only one person if going to make it out alive.

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