How Socialization Is A Powerful, And It Affects Us Essay

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We as humans can not help what we do, think or feel, as everything is a result of our exposure to socializing with other in the world we share, however sociologist do not think of people in that way.
Socialization is a powerful, and it affects us all in one-way or another. We must remind ourselves of the self inside of us. Our environments do not influence us as humans; instead we act on our environment. Because the action of others all merge in each one of us, as we develop a sense of self. Research completed by theorist such as, Charles Horton Cooley, George Herbert Mead, Jean Piaget, have a three different views on how and why people socialize in society, which all sums to the same sense: that we are unique whole called individual.

Theorists Charles Horton Cooley once said that humans are born with the capacity to develop a self, but the self must be socially constructed: that is, its contents depend on social interactions. Whereas, George Herbert Mead identified the ability to take the role of the other as essential to the development of the self and lastly, Jean Piaget identified four different stages that children go through as they develop that ability to reason.

When you compare the three theorist insights on how young children develop it seems to me that they all are necessary and ties into one another to develop and become socially compatible in todays society. When comparing the information from the three theorists and try to conclude the most effective…

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