How Social Stratification Dictates The American Dream It Is Necessary

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To better understand how social stratification dictates the American dream it is necessary to know and understand how social class determine 's the roles that individuals contribute to society. The concept of the American Dream is: The pursuit of happiness and opportunity where
Americans can pursue all within their reach as long as they work hard, it’s a idea that anything someone wants is attainable through due diligence. But for many that dream is simply not available, prosperity is left more easily accessible to the wealthily and powerful. Social
Stratification in society is determined by many different factors such as economic status, race and gender. Many of those traits dictate the height of ones achievement in the pursuit of the
American dream.
In terms of socioeconomic status individuals are separated by upperclass, middle class and the working "blue-collar" class. These different classes play a role in job advancement and resources available to each social class. Statistically speaking a change in inequality in terms of social class will not happen because is is not feasible, society can not function if we are all apart of the same social class. According to Ferris and Stein (2008), "The upper class is a largely self-sustaining group of the wealthiest people in a class system; they comprise about one percent of the U.S. population and possess most of the wealth of the country. The upper-middle
Social Stratification and the role it plays on achieving the American…

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