How Social Networking Has Changed Our Lives Essay

1078 Words Oct 14th, 2015 5 Pages
Social networks have without a doubt, created a world without borders. Some years ago people talked about the possibility of having them and now we live immersed in computer technology. Everyday new social media networks are being used around the world, which create opportunities to connect everybody no matter the place or time. Society spends a lot of time next to a screen and a keyboard that from any device we move into unknown worlds to talk with individuals from other cultures, races and religions. Not only do we discuss and chat with people, we also do it through blogs when we write about our experiences, through social networks such as Facebook (to express moods), shared topics of interest for Twitter or recorded video from our experiences that we get on YouTube. All this and more is open communication with thousands of people who decide to give a like and communicate who agree or like. Social networking has changed our lives. As a result, companies have changed their approach to marketing to be more competitive. The purpose of this essay is to reveal how people are using Facebook and Twitter. Also how organizations are using these social platforms to grow each day in this sector seeking to establish business strategies to explore this huge market of potential customers or simply maintain the best relations with them.

From Twitter to Facebook, people are sharing their more of their lives online than ever before. But why people spent more time at social media websites…

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