Essay on How Social Media Plays A Great Deal With Making People

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A) Attention Getting Device: Accourding to the Huffigtion Post, “...Twitter fuels younger adults ' narcissistic tendencies by acting as a megaphone for their thoughts, while Facebook fuels middle aged adults ' narcissistic tendencies by serving as a mirror where they can curate images of themselves”. B) Thesis Sentence: Today, I am going to talk about how social media play a great deal with making people in our society very narastic.

C) Preview of Main Points
I) Website like Instragram, facebook, and twitter has added self- promotion for college students.
II) The amount of friends, someone has on social media affects a person feeling better about themselves. III) Adults use social media different ways than students do.
D) Statement of relevance to you and to the audience: The definition of naracissm is “Narcissists lack empathy and have few, if any, close relationships, yet they strongly desire social contact, as others serve as their primary source of admiration and attention”. We can see that with people who use social media. We all use social media all the time. We check to see what facebook to see what other people are doing. We go on Instagram and see how many likes that we get on a post. We also spend more time on social media as we walk to class. We focus on how we can get attention of others on social media and feel that we present ourself in a different light. E) We learn that we are suppose to post anything that comes to our mind.

I. First Main…

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