Essay about How Social Media Influences Your Shopping

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Buyer Behaviour Report:

How Social Media influences your shopping behaviour.

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Course: Buyer Behaviour Course ID: MKTG- 1050 Semester 1 Tutor Name: Brian McCauley At the present time social media is the one of the most powerful ways to shop and advertise online via the use of web-based and mobile technologies; it transforms online communication into an interactive dialogue. Quester, Pettigrew and Hawkins (2011) defined social media as “media for social interaction, using
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Those numbers put social media websites at #5 on the list behind television, print, news and corporate websites. In the same findings it also showed that only 28% of those who had began their holiday shopping this season indicated that social media has influenced their purchases specifically consumers said their influences were: • Reading a consumer-generated product review (13% of respondents) • Reading an expert product review (11 %) • Following a fan page on Face book to take advantage of special offers and deals (7%) • Influence by a friend’s Face book status update referring to a particular product (6%) • Following a company on Twitter to take advantage of special offers and deals (5%) • A friend’s “tweet” about a product influenced their purchase behaviour (3%)

Given the exposure to the internet that we in the western world undergo every day versus time spend watching television, it is odd that only 13% saw the high consumer involvement in reading reviews of products. What is even stranger is that these consumers have shifted from trusting expert reviews to peer reviews. In traditional media reputable sources were usually quoted to give weight to a certain product. It seems in the days of social media, peer influence has replaced the trustworthiness of reputable sources. Thus changing the buyer behaviour process.

Social Media may influence and change the buyer behaviour process

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