How Social Media Helps Or Hurt Student Writing? Essay

830 Words Jul 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
In the last years, the social media has taken a significant part of our lives by simply bringing communication to a “whole new” level. For that reason, I started wondering its consequences in a student’s life, since they are in a development phase of reading/writing. I read articles that showed me opposite perspectives about how social media can influence a student’s writing development, and they really got my attention. The bottom line is that we, as adults, are incapable of keeping students away from the online world, and because of that, it would be rather interesting to study its consequences. In the same vein, my debate is “does social media help or hurt student writing?” That uncertainty has been on my mind since I first thought about social media and its impact on young teenagers. Sometimes, we think there might be an easy and straight answer to it, however, after going more in depth on this matter, I can affirm it was not that simple to get a final response.
In the first article, “Social Media Helps Students Writer Better”, Andrew Simmons mentioned social media as a helpful tool that encourages students to discuss their particular matters, in other words, making them emotionally expressive. According to Simmons, that is what makes the student’s final work more powerful and confident, because they become more expressive and thoughtful. As far as I understand, all this is very possible; social media offers a wide variety and ways to express yourself and that visibly…

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