Essay about How Social Media Has Made Its Impact Inside The Classroom

1460 Words Jun 24th, 2016 6 Pages
There are various aspects related to how social media has made its impact inside the classroom. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are useful resources that new generations have been adapting too for the past decades; also, they have a great impact on how society tends to work today. This has been passed or transferred into classrooms at most of the schools located on developed nations. Nevertheless, these sources are not perfect and in some cases do not work exactly the way they where intended to. For instance, students find ways to cheat or facilitate their job, and this should not be permitted, but most of the time it is hard to catch a cheating student. I consider this topic as a very important to understand that social media can be use for many different cases or scenarios. That is the reason why social media is so important nowadays, it has shape the way society works today; even more, It is a virtual community that we need to take advantage off for important things such as academics, instead of nonsense about celebrities and their everyday struggles that nobody really cares about.
These are some reasons to make me say that social media is a very controversial place today, and its usage inside the classroom is sometimes a distraction, but if it were used correctly it would be very important work and research tool. There are many criteria’s that work together in order to form this statement, as narrowed down to three, I will be analyzing social media…

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