Essay How Social Media Has Made It Unacceptable?

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The world is much different than it was when I was growing up as a child, teenager and young adult. Each year I notice younger and younger children with cell phones and other portable devices that can somehow connect them to the Internet and social media. It seems like in everything we do or sign up for, we need to have some type of profile. Society has made it unacceptable if we do not have a Facebook account and there is this peer pressure from friends and family if we don’t Facebook. We are under this illusion that if we do not have one, we will miss out on what is happening in everyone’s life. Our text mentions, “One posts all of one’s personal details, relationship status, likes and dislikes, pictures and postings of friends, of whom one can have hundreds or even thousands.” (Agger, 2012, p.2) Facebook and Google have even made signing up easier than ever. If you visit a website or download an application on you device, you are able to login with your Facebook or Google account to sign up. It seems we are more connected than every before and it is only going to get more intense. There are a couple reasons why I think individuals overshare on the Internet and social media. My first opinion is that individuals like to seek approval from their friends. It can also be used as a way to show your network of friends that you are busy and adventurous. People also like to have the reassurances that their friend like them and approve of their behavior. For example, my sister…

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