Essay about How Social Media Has Impacted Our Lives

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How Social Media Has Impacted My Life Living in the United States has taught me many lessons over the years. We are a very fast learning country. Social media has had a tremendous impact on our society. It has changed the way we interact with each other in negative and positive ways. Some negative ways it has impacted our lives is, people are more prone to bully online than in person. We tend to speak out more on social media rather than in person. We aren’t afraid to say how we feel about a certain topic online. Social media can also have a major impact on our privacy. Revealing personal information can make us vulnerable to identity theft and stalking. If we aren’t careful about what we post it can come back to haunt us. Some positive ways social media has impacted our lives is, it helps us meet new people and learn about new material and we can get news with a click of a button.
Despite what we think, bullying exists in person and on the internet. We like to believe the internet is a safe place, but that’s not always true. I’ve seen so many negative comments said to others on the internet. Our society isn’t afraid to bully over the computer. We assume since people can’t see us, we are bullet proof. I have noticed that more people get bullied online than in person. It’s so easy to type something mean and send it to someone rather than saying it to their face. When I was a sophomore in high school, I had a group of girls bully me through text message. When I saw them in…

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