Essay about How Social Media Has Changed Our Modern World

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Social media is everywhere in our modern world. Notifications pop up on our phones, computers, and other devices constantly. Merriam-Webster defines social networking as the creation and maintenance of personal and business relationships especially online. Some well-known examples of social networking are Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn, and Youtube. Modern society loves social networking, and uses it frequently. Since social networking has become such a phenomenon, it has altered our view specifically public persona, private persona, and ethics. Social networking first came to light in 1997. One of the first social networking websites was In this same year, educators started using Blackboard. Blackboard is a website used for organizing courses for teachers and students. (The Brief History of Social). Blackboard was used for a long time, teachers swapping to Canvas only a few years ago. Still in 1997, AOL Instant Messenger began to allow users to chat. This opened doors, letting people speak to each other on websites. 1998, amazing year, is the year that brought us Google. Google is a search engines used by millions daily. In 2009, Google saw a trillion one-of-a-kind URLs. Myspace debuted in 2003. Myspace was similar to a previous social media network, Friendster. LinkedIn, a social media network to create connections in the business and professional world was also made in the same year. All music lovers enjoyed iTunes, which Apple…

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