How Social Media Has Changed Our Lives Essay

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"I am always defeated in my life and this is what repeated again" . She expressed her temperament. ‘You are not defeated from your life and there is still a long way to go. I am sorry for making you feel that way’ I responded to her. I tried to assure her adding something more, ‘we have to make corrections of our mistakes and move forward by ourselves. Nothing in the world is perfect and all of us have shortcomings that we need to address and resolve them. We can 't find the perfection in anything in the world but we have to compromise with all the materials surrounding us’.

It had been a two weeks when one of my FB friends started to talk with me. I write a poem and songs and want to bring them to the audience posting them in Facebook. Social media has been the best place to reach out to many people and the great place to share feeling and other creativity. That 's why I am using the Facebook to share all aspects of my writing whenever I create new one. I have met many virtual friends in this world and many of them like my creations and give me a solid and interesting feedback. On the same pace of time, one day when I posted my poem ‘Janu’ liked that very much and asked me to join the hand of friendship via messengers.

Many friends keep on saying hi and hello in that virtual world, but I often ignore them because I get busy myself most of the time on the other side it is not possible talking with all of them whoever raise their hands of friendship. But I found some…

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