How Social Media Affects The Individual 's Self Esteem Essay

1392 Words Nov 20th, 2016 6 Pages
Introduction Over the past decade more and more social networking sites have popped up such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Tinder just to name a few. With the increase of social media use it is important to investigate how it affects the individual’s self-esteem that are using it in order to improve the affects it in the future. Finding out how social media affects users self- esteem is important because a majority of people all around the world use it everyday, multiple times a day. Gangadharbatla states that among teens and young adults more than 55% of teens online use social networks and 48% of them visit social networking sites at least daily. Gangadharbatla later makes the point that despite these astounding statistics there is very little research in this area. With technology evolving more every year social media will also keep growing. Exploring how social media affects ones self-esteem, extraversion, self-presentation, and wellbeing are a few reasons why it is important to answer the question of how is the rise of social media affecting the self-esteem of the individuals whom use it? Finding ways to positively influence users through their social media accounts could be a major breakthrough for the industry. Learning how it can be modified for future companies looking to be successful in the social networking business is one way this research is important to the broader public. Another way this research applies to…

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