How Social Media Affects Society Essay

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Reading Commentary
The topic I chose to write my article about was how social media is affecting society. Throughout my article, I used information and statistics from a range of sources, which were mainly newspaper articles related to my topic. This was important because it meant that the information I used in my article would mainly be reliable and relevant to my topic. It also gave me different viewpoints, writing styles and ways in which media is used differently to engagingly put points across.
The first source I chose was an article from posted in 2014 titled "Social media and the 'decline ' of language". I chose this article as the headline caught my attention as it clearly tells the reader what the article is about. The basic message of this article is how social media is impacting the English language and the good and bad arguments of this. Humour is used throughout the article to engage the reader. When it says “#bad thing” it’s incorporating the “language” of social media to show how vastly it 's used, including in this article. I agree with the issues raised in this article as it is something I have experienced myself, using text speak in real life situations and I believe this is due to excessive use of social media. Therefore, I will be using the issue raised in this article as a part of my own article as I believe it is a good argument and it’s something I, and a lot of others can relate to. Although this source doesn 't come from a…

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