Essay on How Social Media Affects People

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According to, approximately 3.34 billion people use some form of social media. That accounts for nearly half of the world’s population. In Maria Konnikova’s article “How Facebook Makes Us Unhappy”, Konnikova gathers numerous sources to validate her theory on how “Facebook isn’t the problem. It’s the symptom” (1). She presents studies from universities and psychologists on the effects that social media websites like Facebook have on people’s happiness. Many of the studies include the negative effects that Facebook has on its users, as well as some on its positive aspects. Konnikova successfully provides accurate and significant studies to lead readers to make their own conclusion about how social media affects people.
Konnikova starts her article with a bold statement of, “no one joins Facebook to be sad and lonely” followed by a study from psychologist Ethan Kross of the University of Michigan (1). He had collected qualitative data from residents such as how lonely they were, how much interaction they have had, and so forth. Kross concluded that residents that used Facebook during the time of the study felt unhappy. Upon further research, Konnikova collected data from other researchers stating that Facebook makes people feel negatively about themselves. Feelings such as loneliness, depression, envy, and jealousy. These effects were the result of “the well-known social-psychology phenomenon of social comparison” (1). Users would join the network to learn more…

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