How Social Media Affects Our Relationships With The Other People

1343 Words Feb 29th, 2016 null Page
Recep Uysal is psychological counselor in private school, who also conducted a survey about how Facebook using plays negative role in people’s lives. He has been dedicated himself to researching the problematic Facebook use and social safeness. He has a lot of experience in the field of the relationships between social safeness, flourishing and problematic social media using. This article provides a prediction of how people’s social safeness and sense of flourishing. It is supposed to see that problematic social media using plays a negative role in affecting people, especially young teenagers, by reducing their social safeness and flourishing. In addition, excessive online social media using can also be negatively related to both subjective happiness and subjective vitality. As my research topic as how Facebook affect our relationships with the other people, the article written by Recep Uysal gives me an overlook about which role, negative or positive, about Facebook using plays in our social live. From the research subject, it is easy to conclude that Facebook using changes our way of social interacting and our mindset, making us being more vulnerable while facing loneliness, becoming more addicted to seeking online comfort. This article contains data collected from a regular survey that being done by inviting students in universities from Turkey to participate in, which provides a more precise and specific outcome of how problematic Facebook use affects social…

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