How Social Interactions Influence The Individual And The Group Dynamic

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This paper will analyze the group dynamic from a socio-psychological perspective in order to provide a clearer understanding of group influence. In addition, this paper will clarify aspects of norm formation, conformity, and group norms in an observed social environment from a primary source versus related research and studies on the subject matter from secondary sources. This paper will work to develop a comprehensive understanding of how social interactions influence the individual and the group dynamic. Finally, this paper will expound upon the information gathered from observing a socially interactive group in comparison with the collective studies in order to determine the most reliable conclusion.
The group environment is the social interaction between two or more people. Groups have the power to influence the perspectives of individuals in social events (Myers, 2010). The magnitude of influence that a group can have far extends beyond the development of interpersonal relationships. The development of a group dynamic has a great deal to do with the behaviors of the individual members. The behaviors of members influence and affect fellow members on a subconscious level. The social interactions and events of the group impact all members and these behaviors affect ultimately the quality and success of the group experience. The Safe Horizon Women’s Therapy Group is one such group. The organization, Safe Horizon, is the leading advocacy and intervention center…

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