How Social Interactions Can Influence The Behaviors Of People

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As sociology major I have learned to appreciate how social interactions can influence the behaviors of people. Having the privilege to enroll in American Drug Scene I have acquired the knowledge of sociological behavior, conflicts, functions, relationships, culture, ethnicity, gender stratification and much more that are part of our daily lives. Re-reading my insight paper I have shown how much awareness I have developed throughout the semester. Since I was raised in Los Angeles County, drug and alcohol addiction was not seen as deviant. Many of my friends and family that were dependent on substance did not prove any signs of their addiction. As a result, taking this course I am able to assimilate social similarities and differences throughout the journey of my sister’s drug addiction.
For instance, in the beginning of the semester my views of people’s addiction were mainly influenced by the exposure of media. I believed that media was glamorize both the usage and the distribution of drugs. In reading number 1 it states, “through the early 1930s. States enacted anti-marijuana laws, usually instigated by lurid newspaper articles depicting the madness and horror attributed to the drug’s use… New York Times print “Mexican Family Goes Insane” (Inciardi and Mcelrath, 2011, p.9). Therefore, the media has influencing society throughout history. I was not aware how melodramatic media was in the nineteenth century on to drugs. There were many reports of the media using drugs as a…

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