How Social Hierarchy Effects Family Experiences, Family Relationships, And Family Troubles

1136 Words Nov 9th, 2016 5 Pages
In today’s society, a person’s social class has more influence on their everyday life than what meets the eye. Social class is the separation of a society due to one’s social and economic status. It goes without saying that social class is one of the most important issues American families face today. Whether middle, upper, or lower class, social class affects every American family and their family life. In the following essay, I will be displaying my views on how social hierarchy effects family experiences, family relationships, and family troubles. Social hierarchy seems to be a concept that has been around since the emergence of life on earth. Let us take a look at a time in history where families have been effected by social class. In ancient Egypt, Egyptian social structure had strong effects on families. Whatever class the parents were in were frequently the class the children would grow up to be in. The structure of Egyptian class was structured like a pyramid, with pharaohs being at the top of the pyramid and social class. Pharaohs were believed to be “Gods” in human form and were believed to control all aspects on earth, from famine to death. Below the pharaohs were the priests; they were in charge of performing sacred rituals at temples. These mighty priests often handed down their positions to one of their sons, a perfect example of how social class affected their family. At the very, very bottom of the totem pole were the slaves and the farmers. If current day…

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